Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Silly Season
I'm still here. And there are so many things I keep meaning to talk about. Like why they changed that commercial about the roast to take out the guy's fat ass and his squeal when he gets flowers. Were women complaining about the stereotype? Whatever.

Fresh is in full gear working on the election.

Ice Prince got his report card last night. Lots of stuff about needing to pay more attention, but my favourite comment was: "He likes to sing while walking around in the classroom." That's my boy. Life is a musical!

I'm just on the last legs of a bad cold and finishing a VERY busy time at work that involved designing an award, searching out angel wings and forging a real estate license. Seriously, I've got the most interesting job.

The Christmas cards are done and going in the mail today. Earliest ever, I think. AND they're handmade. Last year's were too, but they involved lots of glue and glitter and were a total pain in the butt, even though they looked pretty.

Okay, busy, busy. Have to go. More later!

And hey, if you want to come to La Fete de La Reine, e-mail me at screamforicequeen AT gmail DOT com so I can send you details. This means YOU too, Mr. Evil and Marky Mark. I do hope you'll be there.

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