Friday, December 16, 2005

Quick Update
Hi kids. I'll be back soon. I've been busy, but it's all good.

My new boss rocks. I've been super busy, but mainly doing stuff that's fun and challenging. Today is payday and bonus day, although a huge chunk of the bonus is going to pay $6 million cat's latest vet bills, which are in the (gulp) four figures. He's much better now and worth every penny. I'm glad we didn't have to make the decision to treat him based on money. If it happens again in the next 11 months, however, I may have to hold a fundraiser for him. "Don't You Know That Purrs Are Not Enough?"

And Dad took me to IKEA on Wednesday and I got two CD/Video shelves, two bath mats, two sets of candles and two cake pans. Why did I buy everything in twos? I only just noticed that.

We had planned to buy an IKEA Christmas tree (just one, not two), but there were none. The Canadian Tire next door was sold out. But we found a plethora at Loblaws. The Chosen One is waiting patiently in the backyard to be brought in and decorated on Sunday.

Okay, lots to do today, and then our annual office holiday party. I'm wearing my pool table dress and it looks gooo-ooood.

I'll be back with more Ice-Queen brand fun and frolic next week!

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