Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Party Planning
Okay, first things first.

La Fete de La Reine. The people who have shown interest in coming are hemming and hawing because they have no place to go afterwards. So! I am now having a dinner party. 7 to midnight. (I'm turning 37. I can't stay up much past midnight.) The following people are coming:
Eva (if you have to go somewhere else I understand)
Sister Staceypatrick
Father Patrick O'Stacey
Fresh's friend Martin who has no nickname, but we can think one up after a few drinks

The following people have not replied:
Crabby & Mr. Krabs - are you going to the Big House?
Mikael and Markus - pu-lease! You're practically like neighbours!
JB (I haven't met you technically, but I'm willing to let you come if Maria will vouch for you or you put down a security deposit)
Brett and Amber- seriously you're invited
Merv - you too
Clara and Jer - come on!
Lilly and Joe
Radmila and Clive
Benjamin - you probably don't read this anymore, I'll e-mail you
Chip - come home! All is forgiven!

Okay, That's all for now.

Please inform me of any food allergies. bring some good wine and don't pet the cats. Seriously. They look cute, but don't do it.

Maps will be e-mailed so ensure your VIP status by e-mailing screamforicequeenATgmailDOTcom.

More stories later. Business before pleasure!

Oh yeah, it's on December 31st.

No need for presents, although I do enjoy a good mix cd if you feel inspired.

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