Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Over at Mikevil’s site, there’s some rant (justified) over a blogger who was not who he pretended to be. No one was hurt, but it’s still an emotional shock.

Anyhow, in honour of this discovery, tomorrow will be “Write a Total Fiction (WTF) Day.” It’ll be fun. You can write fake stuff, or write as a totally different person. Post pictures of people and pretend you’ve slept with them! Make up pets! Land jobs you aren’t qualified for! I’m beginning to see the appeal already.

Go forth and be creative. And spread the word.

Seriously. WTF Day. Coming to a screen near you on Friday October 28th.

Bling Fit For a Queen
In happier news, Lilly sent me a gorgeous ring for sending her some logo mock-ups. And those were only my initial ideas! The ring isn’t on her site, so you can’t have your very own Icy Ring. It’s got copper wire and raisin and ice-green coloured beads. Hang on, I’ll scan it.

Image Hosted by

Thank you, Lilly! You prove that there are good bloggers out there.

Want to buy some fab bling? Go visit Lily Trinkets. Christmas is coming, as is abundantly clear by the little Sanata bouncing around my living room. Yes, Ice Prince is being Santa for Halloween. I made him a sleigh last night. Photos on Monday, maybe.

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