Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dr. Tongue’s 3-D House of Horror
(the title's irrelevant, but I like it.)
I haven’t written much lately, I know.

I was up for a job I really wanted, but ultimately the President and I didn’t hit it off. (a) he didn’t smile at any of my jokes or witticisms and b) he made a comment about women not staying in the workforce for very long. So I’m here at the Behemoth still. I like it here, but I need a new challenge. Actually, what I need is praise and attention. Look at me! Look at me!

I wrote a bitchin’ speech for a Senior VP here and he loved it. He gave it last night, but I wasn’t there. But he did write me a thank you note this morning.

Thanksgiving the inlaws are coming for dinner, but they don’t like my fancy cooking. Sigh. I hate turkey. Maybe I’ll stuff it with something innovative. Actually, there is a Victorian recipe that involves…hang on…I’ll go find it.

Can’t find it. Anyhow, it was something like: a lark, stuffed in a pigeon, stuffed in a chicken, stuffed in a turkey. Wild, eh?

What else….Mom and Dad are moving back to our place for the winter next week and Mom will be picking Ice Prince up at school and doing daycare for the afternoon. No clue what we’ll do when they go back up north in May. Oh well. I’ll think about that later.

See? Dull, dull. That’s why I haven’t written.

Today I was invited to a luncheon with all the executives, but turns out I’m supposed to be shilling the corporate charity to convince the execs to give big. No one told me until AFTER I’d RSVP’d. Yeah, I’m so charming and convincing. Maybe the inviters don’t know me personally? Boomer stills speaks of the people here who are scared of me. Silly people.


Oh, and I’ve been getting lots of hits on the site looking for Ice Queen Costume, as usual, so here you go:
Black Dress
Black Nylons
Black Medium Heels
Red long hair
Bottle of red wine
Wooden Spoon
Bicycle Helmet

Everyone will know exactly who you are. If you win any costume prizes for this, I get a cut.

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