Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Customer is Always Right.
The Royal Family visits Pizza Pizza after the Jazz Festival, to get the boy a slice.
Ice Queen: One cheese slice, please.
Ice Prince: Once slice of cheese pizza, please!
Pizza Pizza Guy: Okay.
IP: No pepperonis!
PPG: Okay.
IP: And no green things!
PPG: Sure.
IP: And no bugs.
PPG: Not a problem.
IP: And no leaves.
PGG: Okay.
IP: And a bottle of water.

The Lost Harlequeen Romance Files!
Geraldo Rivera has found the lost files. (Actually, Ice Prince was using a notebook to draw in and – voilĂ !) Nine more pages of pot-boiler goodness, with quite the little plot twist in it. I’ll post some over the next few days, and maybe I’ll finish the damn thing…sort of.

Newcomers (Maria, Clara, etc.) go check out Harlequeen Romances, my attempt at writing a novel in 30 days for Nainamo. All the characters are readers of mine, so now I have to keep writing and add you. You have to scroll to the bottom and read up. Awkward, I know. It made more sense when I was posting the chapters daily.

Enjoy! And for those of you who can't remember the plot -- reread. It's going to get more complicated so hang on to your what your Mama gave you. This ride's going to get wild.

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