Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Meme Challenge From Eva

Total volume of music files on my computer…I don’t know. About 300 files.
The last CD I bought was…Last ones I bought where blank. Last pre-made one would be KD Lang’s Hymns fro the 49th Parallel, I guess.
Song playing right now…Nothing, I’m at work. Last song I listened to was Jeff Healey doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me… (with my favourite lyrics quoted as a bonus.)
Baby I’m a Star – Prince. “Hey, look me over/Tell me do u like what u see?/Hey, I ain't got no money/But honey I'm rich on personality”
Gold in Them Hills – Ron Sexsmith. “Even though the bills are pilin’/Maybe lady luck keeps smilin’” “Don’t lose heart/Give the day a chance to start.”
Captain Jack – Billy Joel. “So you decide to take a holiday/You’ve got your tape deck and your brand new Chevrolet/But there ain’t no place to go anyway/And what for?”
Sulk – Billy Bragg. “Why do I want to hide whenever you show up?/You know your moods just make me want to throw up./Why don’t you just bloody well grow up?/You just sulk.”
Push – Matchbox Twenty. “Hey, don’t just stand there/Say nice things to me/’Cause I’ve been cheated, I’ve been wronged”

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