Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dr. Tongue’s Monster Chiller Theatre
Maria asked: Do you believe dead people come back in your dreams and talk to you?

Ice Queen Answers:
Yes. My dearly beloved Nana (that’s like a Grandma, only Scottish and much more fun) died in 1997. Whenever my life is going really badly, she will show up in my dreams. Very quietly. Then she says: “I just thought you could use a hug.” We hug and then I thank her and she goes.

It’s happened several times. And it’s so very reassuring.

In February, I had a dream where Nana showed up and yelled at me. She didn’t say why she was so angry, but I woke up feeling terrible. What was she trying to tell me? What had I done wrong? It actually makes me teary-eyed thinking about it.

About a month later, my mom and I were talking about dreams. She mentioned (without me prodding) that Nana visited her in her dreams and made her feel better, but that last month she had shown up and yelled at her for no apparent reason.

Spooky, eh? Or as Ice Prince would say: “That’s smooky!”

It’s a true story.

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