Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thanks, but no thanks
A meme from Mikevil. Y’all know Mikevil.
Name five things that everybody else is crazy about, but not you.
1. Horror Movies Haven’t managed to see all of one. Don’t care to. Yawn.
2. Martinis I’ve tried both traditional and fancy flavours and still am left underwhelmed. I’ll take Beer, Wine, Gin and Tonic or a Margarita, thank you very much.
3. Ballet I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But I don’t like ballet. Even, and especially, the Nutcracker. So dull! But I will happily stare at Rex Harrison for no reason. I saw a documentary about him and he seems so sweet! But sorry, boys, he’s taken.
4. Holidays in the Tropics Lying in the sun drinking fruit and alcohol beverages of dubious safety? Watching the peasants carry your bags? Forget it. On MY holiday, I like to do something different, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, donkey riding, walking on a volcano or whale watching (all things I’ve done.) Next is sea kayaking, I hope.
5. Professional Massages Ouch! How can people enjoy these? I’ve had two and they were pure torture! I’ve got a knot in my shoulder from tension? Fine. Pass me that bottle of tequila.

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