Monday, May 30, 2005

A Royal Canadian Fugging
On Saturday, Justin Trudeau (son of the late great Pierre and therefore unofficial Canadian royalty) married his sweetie Sophie.
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Isn’t she a doll? I love her dress. Just gorgeous. Well done, Sophie!
But Justin? Errr… normally, your hair looks good. With a turtleneck and leather jacket, very hot. But with a tux? And what a tux! Again, I applaud the desire to do something a little different. Beige for warm weather and to coordinate with Sophie’s dress was thoughtful and you just MIGHT have been able to pull it off.
But the shiny stripes on the lapel? And the shiny wide tie? And, if I may mention it again, the long hair? And the big and tall collar that makes you appear to have no neck? And did a button pop off your jacket or is it supposed to flap open and look about to pop?
Homey, I wish you well, and you look very happy. But on Saturday, you were a nine dressed up as a three. But I still love you. Call me, we’ll do lunch.
P.S. A very wee eyebrow shaping would not have gone amiss either. Just a wee bit, mind you.

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