Monday, May 09, 2005

No shed and no more fish for you!
I’m not ignoring you. It’s just that my shed story is so tedious to repeat. In a nutshell, after four people, we finally got someone to confirm that they had the shed we wanted. Then the person started to walk away.
“But we want it, now what?”
“You want to order it?”
“No, we want to BUY it!”

It was like the Monty Python Cheese Skit, or maybe soup nazi. “We might have a shed, but you can’t have it).

Anyhow, the guy directed us to stand in a special line that was very long, so we gave up and will go back on a week night. It would be a much better story if I told it right.

Then we tried to buy fish for dinner. Fresh and I were talking about which piece.
“How many?” says the counter guy.
“This piece.” He says throwing one on the scale. “More than enough for four.”
Fresh and I look at each other and silently agree it’s not enough.
“Another piece, please.” - me
“No! You don’t need another piece. This is too much for four people. You take.”
“We would like another piece.” - me
“You don’t need. See, I show you. Is too much!” counter guy puts the second piece on the scale.
“We’ll take both pieces, thank you.” – me

You just KNOW that I would’ve taken both pieces anyway, just to spite him, but it was the perfect amount. So Pffffffftttttt!

Mom and Dad came up for dinner last night. Dad takes insulin right before dinner. Ice Prince followed him downstairs. Then IP comes running back upstairs: “Cool! I want to do a shot too!” B52 or heroin?

Boomer gave me a juicer he won. I think it will make me happy. Thank you. Boomer! Beet juice is the BEST.

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