Friday, July 30, 2004

Wit and Wisdom of the Ice Prince
IQ: I have to get change for bus fare, and you've been a good boy, so I'll buy you a treat this morning.
IP: Yay! I love treats! Well, I like good treats, not bad treats.
IQ: Bad treats? What's an example of a bad treat?
IP: A rock is a bad treat.
IQ: True.
IP: Anything you find on the floor is a bad treat.
IQ: Fair enough. What's a good treat?
IP: Anything you put in your mouth.
IQ: Toothpaste?
IP: No!
IQ: You put toothpaste in your mouth...
IP: But it's not a treat.
IQ: Cookies?
IP: Yes!
IQ: Peas?
IP: Yes, peas are treats too.
IQ: Huh! Who knew?

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