Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ice Queens Always Land On Their Feet
Only I could get rewarded for losing my debit card.

Wednesday, we rented a car and picked up supplies to head up to the Crabby Compound (Crababunkport? Yeah…I like it.) We bought some fish. Then Fresh said “That’s not enough”, so we bought more. I used my debit card first, then cash. I later discovered (as I tried to buy groceries) that they hadn’t given my card back.

I phoned the fish store – no card. So I phoned and cancelled the card. Then the fish store called and said they’d found the card and offered to send it over in a taxi. I said that I’d cancelled it and he said, “I’m so sorry. Next time you’re in, I’ll get you some nice fish.”


Home from Crababunkport, a message on the machine from George at the fish store : “When are you coming in for your fish? Call me!” So I called him yesterday. “I’ll taxi over some seafood to you!” I assured him that I would drop by.

So I ended up with $30 worth of sushi grade tuna and $15 worth of jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce from my new buddy George.

But George is crazy like a fox. Guess where I’ll buy my fish and seafood from now on?

Ice Prince Weighs In
Ice Prince had a great time at the “college” but was sad Stacey couldn’t come “because she has her belly button class.”

When I asked him what his favourite part of going to the “college” was, he said “I liked drinking orange juice.” (Note: he always has orange juice. Go figure.)

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