Monday, July 12, 2004

Missed me Missed me, now you’ve got to kiss me
I’m back, dearhearts. And there are two very good reasons why I didn’t post this weekend.
1. Censored à la Mikeveil "What if the wrong person should read this". The Ice Queen is taking on a larger life, don't you know.
2. I got a library card.

Those who know me may attest to my slightly obsessive nature, When I have a book, I am compelled to read the entire thing in one long session. While washing dishes, bathing, making dinner, walking, whatever. It’s actually very disturbing. I become like an addict.

So this weekend I read Pay It Forward and I am ¾ of the way through You Shall Know Our Velocity! I also put a hold on one of my favourite movies from the 80s: Local Hero. Pay it Forward was a pretty good book – hard to believe that Kevin Spacey in the movie was playing a character who, in the book, was black, scarred, had an eye patch, and was actually quite handsome.

You Shall Know Our Velocity! Is about two friends who have one week to travel around the globe and give away $32,000. An excellent premise that is never entirely realized to its full potential. Strange who both books involve examining the nature of charity and guys with scarred faces.

Day Eight of Condom Watch: It seems to be biodegrading, thank goodness. But still there.

Also met a possible new daycare lady for Ice Prince half days when he starts Junior Kindergarden in two months. Fairly happy with her. So hard choosing someone to look after your kid. Ice Prince loves her big fenced yard and huge assortment of toys. It should be fine. It’s VERY close to our house, so bonus.

Oh, I also rearranged Fresh’s “ home office” on Saturday, which has hereto been a junk room. He was very impressed with the results. Queen Eye for the Fresh Guy!

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