Monday, July 26, 2004

Ice Prince Reviews Shrek 2
Me: What are the rules?
I: When you’re in the feeatre (sic) there’s no jumping, no grabbing, no screaming. You have to sit and eat your popcorn. And it’s dark.
Me: What did you like best about the movie?
IP: Eating the popcorn and drinking the red juice.
Me: No, what part of the movie?
IP: (thinks) Well, I liked when the cat bit Shrek on the bum.

The Queen Reviews Shrek 2
I liked it. Not as much as Shrek 1. I thought that Mongo was a bit too deus ex machina.

I liked Cat, but thought he could have been used better. And I thought from the reviews that Cat and Donkey were going to end up together – there was some reference to “alternative lifestyle” in the movie, but other than Cat saying that Prince Charming sounded dreamy – nuthin’. Well, except for the part after the credits with Dragon. Which again, I thought was pretty predictable.

All in all, I enjoyed it. My favourite part was the COPS parody.

My parents are coming into town to babysit tomorrow night. Yes! YES!

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