Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I read an article about Presidential Portraits in Time last week.  It mentioned how Clinton's was the first to include an American flag, which I thought was interesting.

In the olden days, portraits would often be painted with objects representing the subject's profession, hobbies, philosophy, etc.

So, if YOU were to have your portrait done:
1. What would you be wearing?
2. Where would you be posed?
3. What objects would be in the picture with you?
4. If you like, tell me who would paint it. Or photograph it.  Dead people allowed. Like you're going to actually have this done. Riiiiight.

Books Fit for A Queen
Last night at the library I took out:
  • Leap of Faith: Queen Noor of Jordan's Autobiography (started it - very interesting. It's like a romance and travel book and a political memoir all rolled into one.
  • 15 Canadian Poets
  • Clara Callan (won a Giller Prize, apparently), and
  • I picked up my copy of the video Local Hero, which we will watch on Friday night.

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