Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Nekkid Post
The new issue of Xtra is out and there are pictures of Pride. None of me. Apparently , you have to get nekkid these days to get your picture in the paper. Well, forget that. Not going to happen.

Fresh came home last night with the flu. He felt better for a couple of hours, so we watched The Cooler with William H. Macy and Alec Baldwin. If Steve Buscemi had been in the movie it would have been perfect. And Antonio Banderas, just for scenery. It was Macy's first love scene ever, and he got quite naked. That must be hard. I must be difficult to do a love scene on camera with someone you barely know. It was an excellent movie. A bit violent, but not too Tarantino.

That reminds me that Ice Prince met Enza Anderson, correspondent for Naked News and longtime acquaintance of Fresh (not like that). For our out of town readers, Enza is the local drag queen (trans? she male? I don't know the details, but know she got her chest done.) celebrity who has run for mayor and kisses all the politicians for photo ops.

Anyhow, Ice Prince that night in bed said "Mommy, what was Daddy's friend's name again?"
"Enza, yeah. She has such pretty hair. I like her."

Such a well-rounded education that boy's getting.

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