Monday, July 05, 2004

Heaven…I’m in Heaven….
In my Heaven, the year is divided like so:
December 24 – December 31 (note, no hangover because Jan 1 is not included.) Lots of parties with family and friends. Plus my birthday. Candles, singing, food and drink. The Christmas tree is real and (miraculously) doesn’t shed any needles. On my birthday, we play music and dance.
The first week of spring: And I actually remembered to plant tons of bulbs. Birds chirp. I buy a new hat. It smells like dirt and fresh water.
A week in summer. Probably the last week of June. Every other night, there is a huge thunderstorm with thunder and lightning. There are no mosquitoes, but lots of butterflies and dragonflies. I have a wooden dock by the lake where I lie in the sun. My bikini line is pristine with no effort on my part. There is a full moon.
A week in fall. Probably the first or second week of October. At university. A nicer more picturesque university than I attended, naturally. Leaves are falling. I have nice black tights and shiny leather boots. “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” is drifting through the air.

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