Friday, October 10, 2003

I Still Think It's A Brilliant Idea.

Ice Queen Mum goes home this morning. Safe trip! Here's a sample conversation from last night, me and my mum, to give you a flavour of our relationship:

Me: If you could live in any time period, which would you choose?
Mum: The reign of Charles the Second. You?
Me: Garden of Eden before the fall.
Mum: You’d be lonely. There’d be almost no one to talk to.
Me: I’d talk to the animals.
Mum: The animals didn’t talk.
Me: The snake did. Why wouldn’t the others? And I’m sure I read someone that Adam could talk to the animals before they were expelled.
Mum: You’re thinking of Dr. Doolittle.
Me: Am not! I’m sure I read that. If not, maybe it’s planted in my brain as an idea for a brilliant novel in the Timothy Findlay Not Wanted on the Voyage vein, about when Adam could talk to the animals.
Mum: What would you call it, Adam Doolittle?
Me: Phhhhhhhhhhhhpt!

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