Friday, October 24, 2003

Gone, gone, gone she's been gone so long
So it looks like I might be on Short Term Disability, but only for a couple of days. (We're only allowed 5 consecutive sick days at The Bank.) They're mailing me the paper work. It was my boss' suggestion. What a treat to have a boss who wants me to fully recover, rather than one who is pushing me to come back.

I do feel better, until I move around. Fresh has been taking excellent care of me and the house, and the little Prince.

Finally got my computer to cooperate and ordered groceries online. ("I love you grocery man!" - I.P.)

Also working on I.P.'s Hallowe'en costume. He's going as Max, or to those of you who don't read children's books or watch kids shows, a white bunny in overalls. Trying to construct ears with the maximum stand up ability. Mom is mailing me some of that thin foam they sell in craft stores. I think that might be the ticket.

Thanks for the e-cards. I'm trying to behave myself and not overdo it so I get better. Party Girl will ride again! Actually, that sounds like one of my pay-per-view choices....

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