Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Emeril Is Doing my Surgery? Bam!
Regular readers will know that I’m scheded for tube tying surgery on Nov. 17th. Naturally, I was intrigued to learn that many surgeons like to play music in the OR:
Music is important to Burnett in the OR. He'll spin several different genres during one long procedure, he says.
"(We) generally try to play music that gives us some familiarity and calmness and that's different for different people," Burnett says.

For Burnett, 38, that means laid-back rock like U2 or R.E.M. for the beginning of an open-heart surgery, folk or acoustic instrumentals during the more-intense middle portion, and harder-edged rock for the final, stitching-up segment.

"At the end, we really like to kick it up a notch," says Burnett, who likes Radiohead, A Perfect Circle or Pearl Jam as he wraps up surgery.

No King of Pain? No Tie Your Mother Down? No Tubular Bells?

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