Thursday, June 19, 2003

Go, Go Gadget Legs!
So, Boomer and I were talking the other day about hotdog vendor dogs and all the different things they get called:
Street Meat
Tube Steak
Smog Dog
Do you know any more?

I’m going on vacation next week, so I’m trying to avoid getting any new work. Now, I have time to blog and nothing to say.

I had lunch with a work colleague, who is very sweet, but his favourite expression is “Wowsers!”

I think French Stewart made a much better Inspector Gadget, even though I like Matthew Broderick better.

Does anyone remember Sarah Jessica Parker back when she was in the tv show Square Pegs? Jami Gertz was also on that show – she ended up suing Ally McBeal for embarrassing her on one episode.

We were flipping channels the other day and Fresh didn’t know that Tom Hanks used to play a cross dresser on Bosom Buddies.

What was the first music video you ever saw? I remember I used to watch Solid Gold in Grade Six, and they showed a “Music Video” (with a story, not just film of a performance!) It was Billy Joel doing Sometimes a Fantasy. And it was kinda racy. It was all the talk of the schoolyard the next day. Remember the Solid Gold Dancers?

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