Friday, June 06, 2003

Tandoori Midnight, Part Three
So it turns out our neighbours’ house was on fire and there was smoke pouring out of it. The attic wiring for their new air conditioning system had caught fire. The firemen pulled all sorts of scorched insulation and burning wood bits and piled it in our mutual driveway. I stood there wringing my hands while Frank talked to people who stood shivering in their housecoats. Ice Prince didn’t wake up at all. Nobody was hurt. The firemen should probably get danger pay for having a hysterical Greek woman yell at them while they’re trying to do their jobs.

So I slept about an hour. I’m tired and wired. I’ll just sit and sip my triple espresso non-fat latte and thank the stars that we opted for a roof this year instead of air conditioning. Thanks, stars.

Ironic footnote: This is the same neighbour who had a paranoid hissy fit last year when we had the gas pipe brought around the side of our house for our BBQ. She was sure it was a fire hazard.

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