Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So I’m walking to my office building and I suddenly smell it – Ex-whiff. You know, the smell of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. So many happy memories came flooding back:

1. Ice Cream Waffles
2. Tiny Tom Donuts
3. The Food Building circa 1977
4. “Doggie, doggie!”
5. The smell – fried onions, mainly
6. The international building – inappropriately filled with wool sweaters
7. The Better Living Building – with everything gadget and piece of crap “as advertised on TV!” They still sell chamois (pronounced shammies).
8. The Horse Building. We showed horses when I was a kid, so we spent a lot of time here.
9. Lavender. Every building seemed to have a lavender cart at each doorway.
10. Squirt Guns – the only game I could win
11. The Tilt-a-Whirl
12. The Night. The lights, the pop music, the warm summer air.

Now I’m all choked up. Talk amongst yourselves.

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