Monday, June 16, 2003

Fezzes I Have Known and Loved
If you’ve seen any clips from That 70s Show, you’ve seen Fez, the foreign exchange student. He’s supposed to be a nerd, but he’s hot. Or maybe I just have eclectic tastes. Spike from Buffy also drives me round the bend. Is it the accent?

I am reminded of Gunter, my first foreign exchange crush. He sat next to me in Economics class. And he had – gasp—an earring! Oh course, there was some discussion as to his proclivities (Glencoe, 1984, tractors on main street – not exactly progressive), but we had a satellite dish at home and I'd seen MTV. To me he was like George Michael (who subsequently admitted to such proclivities himself, but it still lovely to look at.)

Next was Olaf, the Swedish F. Ex. student I went to the prom with. I remember he was going back and had to legally serve a year in the army. How romantic. (Romantic, because Sweden wasn’t attacking many countries in the 80s, so it was more like the Peace Corps.) I wasn’t in love with him, but hey! Date for the prom! Did you go to your prom? Our theme (chosen by moi) was Heaven. The theme song was Heaven by Bryan Adams and we ended with Stairway to Heaven. Fresh’s prom song was Forever Young, which ultimately is much cooler.

Fresh does not have an accent, but can do a mean Kermit the Frog impression. Which isn’t sexy but does make me laugh, and you know what they say about making a girl laugh…..

What’s Playing in My Head: Forever Young by Alphaville

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