Monday, January 22, 2007

Mish Mash I Was Taking a Bath
Veggie Challenge is over and wasn’t all that challenging. I enjoyed writing the song and discovering Holt Renfrew’s baked veg samosas, but otherwise – meh. (Oops, just unwittingly ate vegetarian lunch. Whever.)

So now let’s talk about more fun stuff. Like my new obsession with Harry Potter movies and books (had read some books before, but not seen the movies) and the fact that I took Ice Prince swimming on Saturday which was loads of fun. I also feared I had lost my cooking mojo, but perhaps it doesn’t turn out all well when I don’t taste the non-veg items.

Did you know one of my favourite things in the world is a hot bath? Seriously. Sometimes I think it would be decadent to mix favourite things, with mixed results:
Bath + wine/champagne = good
Bath+ paper back book = excellent
Bath + hard cover book = soggy for days
Bath + Fresh = NR17 rating
Bath + cookies = soggy
Bath+ coffee = odd
Bath + cat = pleasant with 15% chance of cat falling in and serious injury
Bath + sponge = chore
Bath + radio = perm
Bath + candle = overrated
Bath + toothbrush = efficiency like in Cheaper by the Dozen we read in Grade 5. (not the Steve Martin movie which I haven’t seen.)

What do YOU recommend I try mixing with a bath for that Crazydelicious experience?

1 comment:

crabby said...

Bath + nail varnish = efficient

Bath + lavender anything = restful

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