Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day Two of Veggie Challenge
Yesterday afternoon I had way too many cashews (there was a giant tray of FREE cashews in the mail room! How could I resist? Mind you, now that I think about it, it sounds a bit too good to be true. Maybe they were poisoned...like a humane way to cull the herd. Mmmmmmm...poison jumbo cashews....). For dinner, I had vegetarian california rolls (with a red pepper where the "crab" normally is, and they were pretty good), some oven fries I had made for IP's dinner and some homemade oatmeal cookies (butter + sugar +oatmeal = Crazydelicious!)

So far so good.


Ice Queen said...

Breakfast: almond biscotti and a green apple.
Lunch: Cheese and crackers and crudité.
Dinner will probably be spit pea soup and roasted root veg.

Only tough part so far? Looking at Jamie's site and drooling over Haw Gow. Sigh. Next week!

Ice Queen said...

I am seriously the worst typist.

Har Gow!

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