Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium
This morning I was in a lather because I couldn’t remember if it was Day 4 or not.

You see, at Ice Prince’s school, the day’s activities are dependant on what “day” it is. The days are on a 5 day cycle. Some of you may remember this from your own salad days.

For instance:
Day One: Find out that last Friday yours was the only kid to not show up with an empty paper towel roll and five green pipecleaners, as per a request that is probably currently biodegrading under a puddle of Danone Minigo, banana/strawberry flvour.
Day Two: Child is scheduled to leave one item of clothing at school to be unearthed in Lost and Found in May, when item will no longer fit anyway. Choose from the following: underwear, mitten or glove (1), hat, boot (1).
Day Three: Gym. Ensure child is wearing new pants that you bought one size bigger for him to grow into so that they will fall down when he is running around, A fact that all of the girls will remember in Spring 2018 and refuse to go to the prom with him.
Day Four: Library. Bring books.
Day Five: Ensure child gets nothing for breakfast except two oatmeal cookies (oatmeal…breakfast!) so that when they do today’s unit on nutrition, he can write “cookies” under the What I Had for Breakfast heading.

Turns out it’s day three, so I made sure he was wearing his new Spider-man y-fronts. They’re cool! Hopefully, he won’t lose them when day two rolls around.

Bonus question: what does the post title have to do with Jack Tripper?

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