Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Had a Dream

I had a dream last night that Lisa and Bart Simpson and I managed to steal a computer. We somehow faked an order, or charged someone else – I don’t know how. Dreams are vague on the details.

Lisa and I managed to change the order to TWO computers and she took one off to college with her. (Incidentally, she’s very pretty as a real person, with long blonde hair. And dresses like Jackie-O.)

I was with Bart when he got the waybill. (Bart kinda looked liked Jonathon Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire, but a bit older.) He was feeling guilty about stealing one computer, but flipped when he saw that the order was now two and the second went to Lisa. Kind of out of character, I thought.

What do you think it all means?

I’ve been stressing out about the vagueness of my promotion/demotion/no motion here at work and I’ve been sleeping very strangely.

By the way, Apu has always been my favourite on The Simpsons, but I am seriously into Duffman these days. OH YEAH!

And another thing: nothing like saying I'll post once a week to suddenly increase my desire to post before Monday. I'm so contrary!

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