Monday, April 04, 2005

What's 'ice' in latin?
So the pope has died. The man deserves a rest. I may not agree with everything he advocated (most specifically opposing birth control and women priests) but he seemed to be a good man who changed many lives. And he deserves a rest.

They will be picking the new pope soon. And when the pope is chosen, he will choose a name. The tradition began when a fellow named Mercury was elected pope and he didn’t want to sully the post with a pagan name, so he chose another. (Pope Mercury –that‘s so cool.)

“Popes follow no established model in deciding on their name. Most often their choice honors a predecessor whom they admire, or who appointed them bishop or cardinal.”

If YOU were elected pope, what name would you choose and why? You may choose a male or female name, or one of each. And tell me why you chose that name. I’ll go think about my choice.

Pope Choosing a name
List of Past Popes

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