Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Von Fresh Family Singers
Fresh’s guitar playing is coming along nicely. Last night we sang together : “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and it was wonderful! It’s like having live karaoke in my living room! (I’m sure my parents were not expecting this when they moved in, poor things.) This week’s song is “Brown Eyed Girl,” and man, is it ever tough to sing. We think he may be learning Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” this week, which I look forward to.

I’m on a diet (spring clothes – ‘nuff said) and I’m going to start running and biking. To ease the exercise thing and as a pre-reward, I am buying an MP3 player tomorrow. Yes, I am entering the 21st Century.

What else? Ah yes. Mr. Crabby’s birthday bash is Saturday night and Fresh and I are going! Out of the house! Together! You have no idea what joy this brings me. I may buy a new outfit from Value Village to commemorate the occasion.

And, tomorrow is the 17th anniversary of the Day Fresh and I met. (Okay, technically I had met him briefly once before when our boyfriend introduced us, but we don’t count that.) Will I actually write something mushy about him tomorrow? Wait and see. I don’t know yet either.

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