Wednesday, April 16, 2003

My So-Called Life
So we had Helena’s b-day dinner at an Italian restaurant last night. 8 adults and six kids under 4. All the kids were very well-behaved, except for Colin, who insisted on spending the dinner hanging outside the big open front window and pointing out the bicycles and airplanes. Or he ran around in circles trying to trip the wait staff.

When we got home, Fresh was very sick with a fever and went straight to bed. He’s still sick today. I hope it’s just the flu. I have to go buy an air mattress today so I can sleep in another room (unfortunately, the guest room is out of ear shot of the Ice Prince and I don't want I.P. thinking Mommy now sleeps in his bed every night).

Because Fresh went to bed so early I finally got to see another episode of Gavin Crawford. But Dear Friend Dave wasn’t on it. It was still pretty good, though.

New Buzz Phrase
Just got out of a meeting with a vendor. They said they wanted to have a meeting where they would “open the kimono”. I suspect this means “reveal all”, but it made me think of that short story with the really long name. You know the one.

Open the kimono®. You heard it here first. Use it with pride.

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