Monday, April 14, 2003

My Fanny Pack.
Yep, it’s true. Oh the horror! Can’t run with a backpack.

Outrage of the Day
Looting of the museum in Iraq. (The museum? Well, there’s probably more than one, I’m just too lazy to look up which one.)

Fine, take office desks. Take ceiling fans. They can be replaced. But don’t take the priceless artifacts. Or if you’re going to storm the museum, take the stuff and keep it safely at your house. Don’t break it! That’s just rude.

Happiness of the Day
Patio weather! Patio weather! Don’t even need a lightweight sweater!

My Shopping List
Birthday Card for Helena
New dress for Helena’s b-day dinner tomorrow and my DATE on Friday (parents are coming to babysit. Hurrah!)
More socks for Colin
Baking powder
Hat for running (my current hat makes it look like I’m trying to outrun my pimp)

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