Monday, April 28, 2003

Countdown to Pain
50 hours ‘til the Big Pull.

The Biggest Compliment I’ve Ever Received
Mr. Crabby, who hates all children, actually invited us AND Ice Prince up to their cottage on May 24, WITH the Ice Prince. And that was after spending an hour with the boy (who, I will admit was rather spectacularly well-behaved. He would run around in the yard, slow down, high five Crabby and keep truckin’.) We probably won’t go, because the effort of keeping I.P. well-behaved is too exhausting for a whole weekend. But I am so flattered to be invited.

And the mouse lived.
I was supposed to do my taxes last night. Watched Escape From Alcatraz instead.

Quote of the Weekend
My brother was talking to some friends, one of whom is rather paranoid.
“I hear they caught Tariq Aziz, “ says the bro.
“Tariq Disease?” says the guy, “Is that worse than SARS?”

Crabby came up with another Simpsons question for discussion, but I forget what it was. Was is favourite celebrity guest appearance? I’d say Michael Jackson.

Or was the question: what should the Simpsons finale be? Maggie speaks? We find out Comic Book Guy's name? Sometimes I think it would have been cool if they have actually aged at a normal rate, like in For Better or For Worse.

Just read my comments from Friday and remembered. The question was: Favourite Prank Call to Moe's Tavern.

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