Monday, April 14, 2003

Going To The Chapel

As my 12th Wedding anniversary approaches (yes, I was a child bride), and as the woman over the cubicle wall plans her wedding….all day long….I’ve been thinking about weddings.

Reasons to wait to get married: Your taste improves – register for better stuff
· You actually have at least one song that’s “our song”
· Your kid can attend
· Your friends can afford better gifts.
· By now you really need a vacation/honeymoon
· Something to relieve the mind-numbing monotony of life
· Wedding dress won’t look like something out of the 80s (Yes, mine did. Dynasty shoulders and all.)

Reasons not to wait
· Old relatives die off before the big day
· If you’re older, you have more friends to invite. Ca-ching!
· Need stuff for your first apartment
· No need to get babysitter for honeymoon
· To no longer be “living in sin”
· Thinner. (Okay, maybe not in my case.)
· Need to share dental/medical plans.
· Romanticism
· Don’t need time off work for honeymoon

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