Friday, April 04, 2003

I’m a Runner!
Well, sort of.

I have signed up for the Learn to Run clinic at The Running Room, Hazelton Lanes. They gave me a nice 100% polyester t-shirt that feels neat (I chose orange.) They also gave me a booklet and it looks like a pretty reasonable schedule. Boomer is making major fun of me “They teach you to run? Aren’t you born knowing that kind of thing?” but he blanched when I suggested if it was so easy that he could join too. Hah!

I first heard blamb going on about how great running is. “That’s nice for him,” thought I, “But I could never do that.” whilst having flashbacks of side pain and lung collapse during elementary school gym class. (My Phys Ed comments always said “Susie tries hard…..”) Anyhow, on the way home on the bus about two weeks ago, I heard a women extolling the virtues of The Running Room and how great the clinic was and how far she could run. “Pffft!” thought I, “She’s probably 20 years old and thin as a reed.” I turned around and saw she was dumpy and middle aged. That’s when I decided that if she could do it, so could I.

Stay tuned for smug self-righteousness to be followed by an eventual hubric downfall. But full points for me trying, right?

What's Playing In My Head: Running With the Night. Can't remember who sings it.

P.S. Comment function is sporadic today. Hmph!

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