Tuesday, April 01, 2003

D'oh of the Day
Correspondent Peter Arnett gets fired for dissing the U.S. war plan. Yeah I feel bad, but you don’t go to your competition’s Annual General Meeting and bad mouth your boss, do you? Think, man!

Depressing Quote of the Day
From my Bank Pension Statement: “If you die before being eligible for early retirement”

Good Deed of the Day
Boomer has made me a workout schedule complete with incentives. Five more days of workout in a row and I get a fancy coffee! I’m not sure what’s in it for Boomer, but it reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon where the pointy haired boss gives Dogbert the Exercise Contract for the office. “You were the only one who offered to do it just for the laughs,” says the boss. “Aerobics, engineers, think about it,” says Dogbert.

Mind you, I didn't go today because I'm sick. Boomer and other office colleagues enjoyed coming by to mock me whilst I gestured helplessly or croaked pathetically. No, it's not SARS. Thanks for asking.

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