Tuesday, April 15, 2003

And I ran…..ran so far away…couldn’t get away
Went to my second running class. I’m the fastest person in the slow group. Yah, me!

Those who know me well know how much I detest small talk and meeting new people. But I decided to try to make some friends so I could have running buddies.

Maybe I come on too strong. I eventually resorted to making jokes, which no one seemed to appreciate. Now I remember why I don’t bother trying to make new friends. And maybe I should reconsider the night of stand up comedy too. But I guess my jokes would go over better with drunk people than sweaty out-of-breath people.

I think I’ll have to buy some good shoes. My crappy $20 Brooks are not supporting my feet. If I only had the right shoes I’d be awesome (and if you believe that, I’ve got some Girl Guide cookies and chocolate bars to sell you. Don’t ask. “Other Duties As Assigned” at my job.)

I haven't lost any weight or inches, but I've spent lots of money. I really musn't run to Summerhill or the Danforth...or Winners. But I got the cutest little dress yesterday......

Pet Peeves

People who use the wheelchair button to open a door when they have a free hand.
People who walk on the “wrong” side of the sidewalk.
Telemarketers, esp ones who ask “How are you today?”
People who spit or litter.
People who let their dogs take up a whole sidewalk.
People who let their dogs sniff your crotch or lick your kid. (Note that I got the syntax right there.)
People who give exact change (Right on Crabby! But Fresh does this.)
Grocery stores who put diapers on the very top shelf above the milk. Like I have two hands free when I’ve got a toddler with me.
Grocery stores that stock shelves on Friday at 5:30pm.
Stock clerks who take up the whole aisle.
People who brush their teeth at lunch in the office bathroom.
People who say “Hot enough for ya?” “Cold enough for ya?”
People who take Learn to Run classes more than once.
People who scowl at my screaming child (If I had a tranquillizer dart, don’t you think I’d use it? There’s no “off” button, you know.)
Public Displays of Affection that cause traffic jams (i.e. handholding that takes up the whole sidewalk or escalator)
People with no sense of humour
Classes/Meetings that start late or have no sense of direction

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