Monday, October 02, 2006

That “Not So Fresh” Feeling.

Fresh. Y’all know Fresh. I love him and he’s so different from me. And yet, we understand each other so well. Or, as I like to say: “You could never leave me. No one else would put up with all your eccentricities.” He could say the same for me, I’m sure.

I’ve been sick lately. “Hee, hee hee, what am I going to do with you?” was Dr. Hibbert’s diagnosis.) So Saturday, I was feeling a bit punk. “Have a bath,” says Fresh, “That’ll make you feel better.”

I agreed. How thoughtful! He knows how much good a hot bath does me. I’d bathe four times a day if I could. I’d be like the Captain of the “B” Ark in Hitchhiker’s.

Anyhow, on Sunday Ice Prince and I got caught in the rain. When we got home, Fresh met us at the door. He took a look and me and said, “You should have a bath, that will warm you up.” I agreed.

As I lay in the tub, it suddenly occurred to me: is Fresh being particularly thoughtful or am I exuding some noxious scent that he is trying in a tactful way to rid me of?

I scrubbed behind my ears and between my toes extra well, just in case.

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