Friday, October 13, 2006

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got no money
Ain't got no money though I just got paid

Everyone’s all “TGIF” at home and at work, and I’m thinking that tomorrow (Saturday) I have:
9:30 Swimming Lessons for Ice Prince
10:30 Go to toy store and purchase Spider-man sticker book as reward for IP’s good behaviour (if he meets requirements)
11:00 Pick up Apples at Civic Centre (It’s Scouts Apple Day)
11:10 Have fight with IP because he wants to play with sticker book, not sell apples
11:15 Go home and play with sticker book
12:30 Bribe IP to sell apples by offering to go for pizza lunch first
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Sell apples (hopefully not door to door)
3:00 Put roast in oven
3:30 return apple money to Civic Centre
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Leave for Girl’s Night. Forgot to get munchies and wine!
6:35 Plunder cellar for wine.
6:45 Plunder cupboards and fridge for snacks. Find only Cheddar Bunnies and Cheese Strings.
6:50 Beg Dad for a lift
7:00 Arrive at Sister Staceypatrick’s. Unwrap Cheese Strings and try to pass off as gourmet treat.
7:15 Try on Skinny pants I gave to SS in 2000. They don’t fit. Get pissed off.
7:30 Sulk. Decline to eat in snit over skinny pants.
7:35 Drown sorrows in wine.
8:43 Sorrows treading water. Eat lots of snacks to cushion alcohol.
9:42 Sorrows down for the count
10:59 Sorrows gone
11:13 Remember wine has calories. Remember skinny pants. Recommence sulk.
11:16 Sulk sequel pre-empted by another glass of wine.
11:22 Contest with Crabby and Sister to see who can make the rudest Cheese String sculpture
Depart by midnight via taxi to avoid turning into a pumpkin.

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