Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alas, everyone’s pants stayed on
Friday, Rannie and I did our photo shoot. It was great fun! We had to hike through some weeds and over some barriers, but I think we’ll have some good shots. One fisherman came over to talk to us and I was disappointed that he wasn’t wearing hip waders because I wanted to ask to borrow them for the shoot. “Would you mind taking off your pants?” – Rannie suggested I say if we saw anyone wearing them.

We had Thanksgiving brunch at my house yesterday, and here’s what I made:
Ham and black-eyed pea soup
Brie, pear and walnut strudel
Blintzes with caramelized apples
Mushroom and asparagus frittata
Sausages with apple, onion and sage
And for dessert
Bête Noire (flourless chocolate cake with ganache – spell check suggests I change that to read “panache”)
Pumpkin Pie

My mother just shakes her head and says “You’re the only person I know who cooks to relax.”

Tomorrow is Ice Prince’s photo day and he also gets invested into Beavers, which means he gets his neckerchief.

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