Monday, October 30, 2006

JS Bonbons. Perhaps that will be my stage name.
I always used to love Kazaa, but have finally tired of having to delete all the extraneous adware.

What do y'all use to download music?

Our costumes are all set for tomorrow. If my mom lets me out of the house dressed like that. Last night we carved the pumpkin - dubbed "Shark Boy" by Ice Prince.

Tonight I am going to a networking event where we learn to make chocolate with JS Bonbons. Those of you who know the Ice Queen will know that I do NOT like to make small talk - this is all about the chocolate.

What else, what else. My mom's birthday is Thursday. She wants a sea theme. I was thinking about getting a fish in a fishbowl as a centrepiece. I'd like a fish, and it would make a good first pet for IP. Or a good appetizer for Leo the Cat. What wine goes with guppy?

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