Friday, April 21, 2006

Sticks, the inside of my mouth and poppyseeds, not in that order
If I were designing a cell phone, it would have a mirror on the back, so I could check for errant poppyseeds.

Seriously: doesn't that make sense?

And don't forget fabulous Frankstock! Monday night! Yes, Maria and Stacey, we'll still sing. Trust me. We'll figure it out. Can you say "Bad?" You're hired! There will be accordions and drums and whistles and recorders and guitars and keyboards and more fun people than you can shake a stick at. Although the management strongly discourages stick-shaking. Unless that's a euphemism, in which case: shake that funky stick, white boy!

Man, I need a drink. It's been quite the week. Gotta go finish up my work 'cause I'll be in Chicago next week. Well, starting Tuesday. After Frankstock. I'll try to blog from there: I have a camera phone now too, so big fun. Did you know that you need the flash on to photograph inside your mouth? It's true!

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