Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kinda Windy, I Guess
So I'm here in Chicago at a big Communications conference. Yesterday I was exhausted because I had to get up at 4:30 am after Frankstock to get to the airport in time. Then I took the subway/train into downtown Chicago from O'Hare, which took 45 minutes. Then I walked from the station with my bags, got lost under some overpasses and finally found my hotel which is huge. I'll post some pictures soon.

Thanks to everyone who came to Frankstock. A special thanks to Eva (who had to learn new stuff) and Stacey and Joey for participating. I have to run now to eat danishes and network with professionals with southern drawls who think I'm rude or stupid because I can't hear what they're saying (my left ear is blocked and probably needs a doctor to fix it, but I'm in Chicago, so what to do?) And I have to write a presentation for our Chicago office on Friday about Career Development, but since I don't know any of them, maybe I'll make it one big standup routine of my funniest career bloopers. Like the flip flops, or running into the SVP on my way to a job interview when I had pneumonia and was supposed to be home. Yeah, I'm a real poster girl for successful career development.

Okay, enough! More later tonight when I'm procrastinating about the presentation.

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