Thursday, November 17, 2005

Prodigal Queen
Darlings I know that I've been ignoring you. I've been planning FOUR parties here at work and it's EXHAUSTING!

Sister Staceypatrick is having a birthday, I am continuing my quests to have every medical test known to (wo)man, a winners has opened up today not FIVE minutes away from my office and I don't get paid until tomorrow, and Ice Prince's "Wit and Wisdom of the Ice Prince" will be spinning off into its own blog. A real Mommy blog. Dooce, eat my dust. This is all somehow relating to my Wit and Wisdom postings that will be featured over at in the near future. Details to follow.

And I've written up my application for Superstar Chef and I will be making "Screeched Bananas with Candied Pecans" on my demo tape.

What else? It snowed half and hour ago.

That's all. Go on. Nothing to see here. Back to your lives, citizens.

Oh, wait! Want to proofread my bio for Comments/additions welcome:
"The Ice Queen is a full-time communications professional in the financial services industry with an Honours B.A. in Writing Poetry. She enjoys cooking, entertaining, writing parody songs and picking oatmeal out of her hair. At her East York home, she has one husband, one 5 year old son, two cats and her mom and dad in the basement apartment. Her son, the Ice Prince, has asked for accordion lessons for his birthday. If you think that sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen – it is. Development deals welcomed."

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