Sunday, November 20, 2005

Conversation with No Gestures Coffee
Boomer: …..there’s hair everywhere! By the way, I like Keira Knightly’s latest haircut. You should get that next.
IQ: I’ll spend another year dyeing it and then when it falls out I’ll chop all off, as usual. Your new fancy haircut from Jie is probably why you’re getting all these career development opportunities all of a sudden.
Boomer: It’s about time. So where were you Wednesday?
IQ: The doctor again for more tests. He says “35 is the magic age” when everything starts falling apart.
Boomer: I’m not even 35 yet! And yesterday I found a big hair growing out of the back of my ear.
IQ: Did you know that your ears and nose never stop growing?
Boomer: No. Way.
IQ: Way.
Boomer: How do you know these things?
IQ: I know lots of things. I think I read it somewhere. That’s why old men always have such big ears and noses.
Boomer: That’s all I need.


Paris on $5.99 a day
In other news, the dress I bought at Goodwill on Saturday for $5.99 may be worth more than 100 times that! It is a classic example of Patrick Kelly, black gay fashion designer from Mississippi who died from AIDS at the age of 35 and was the first America admitted to Paris’ Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne organization. The Brooklyn Museum of Art just finished a retrospective on him. His button designs make him iconic. Similar dresses online sell for $400, but they don’t have the buttons. I managed to find a picture of my dress, and Sister Stacey took a picture of me wearing it last night…we’ll see if she posts it or send it to me. Yes, it’s a pool table dress. So, should I wear it with pride or sell it on ebay? I’ll probably wear it.

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Something that sounds similar was just donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004!:
“Patrick Kelly, French; Dress; wool, plastic, synthetic, autumn/winter
1986–87; 2005.92; Gift of Elaine Blatt”

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