Wednesday, September 07, 2005

When it Rains It Pours
I have a job interview tomorrow and one on Friday. They're panting for it! The Friday one I only applied for two days ago.

1. I have been applying for jobs which I think I'm underqualified for, but apparently others beg to differ.
2. For both of these jobs I didn't include a cover letter. For the last two jobs I interviewed for I didn't include a cover letter. I hate writing cover letters and figured "What have I got to lose?" Apparently, this saucy* insouciance intrigues people.**
3. I re-added the "Acccomplishements" section to the top of my resume.

The nice part is that I get less nervous each time.

Must go to Goodwill and buy me an interview suit. It's cheaper to do that then get my dry cleaning done.

* Don't you love the word saucy?
**Don't try this at home. I am a professionally-trained stunt communicator.

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