Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I not only look cheap, I AM cheap.
I’m back. Took yesterday as a mental health day. I biked along Queen St. East and visited:
Goodwill on Coxwell, where I purchased a Marilyn Monroe wig for $4. I LOVE it! The crown is sooo 2003. The wig’s the thing.
Value Village on Queen where I refused to pay $30 for a perfect navy blue Bianca Nygard suit.
Cajun Corner where I bought Cajun Spice.
St. Lawrence Market where I bought lunch and squeezed an avocado.
Kensington Market, where I got Ice Prince an airplane cookie and a pair of Oshkosh jeans for $5
Goodwill on Bloor where I bought the gorgeous red dress I am wearing now for $5.99.

Rufus singing in French is the perfect bicycling soundtrack.

Had a stressful morning today, but thanks to Boomer and his team, all ended happily.

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