Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Not much
This weekend I rented Garden State to watch during ironing. I generally liked it. Actually, my favourite parts were before Natalie Portman showed up.

Other movies I may want to see include:
Napoleon Dynamite
Schultze Plays the Blues

What do you recommend?

I also cleaned the house, went to a child’s birthday party at a “party centre”, made the best rare tuna with ginger shiitake cream sauce EVER, and

Well, that’s about it.

Tomorrow is the 40th birthday of one of Fresh’s oldest friends. We will be hosting an intimate soiree and I will be making my world famous chocolate cake, decorated to look like a tire. “1965 Goodyear”, it will say. We are having a friend over whom we have not seen since 1991 when we got married. We used in live in his basement briefly in January 1989 before Fresh and I got our own apartment. This is good, but the bad part is that I have to clean the whole house because new guests get "The Grand Tour". Wonder how much he's changed in 14 years... stay tuned.

Thursday is a long awaited Girl’s Night with Crabby and Sister Staceypatrick. I will be taking my bike so I can’t drink too much. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Yes, mom, I'll wear my helmet.

It’s really cool. Here at work (on the 17th floor) they just replaced a big window pane. Two guys had to stand on the ledge outside and position it with suction cups.

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