Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good Stuff
Biked 24 kilometres. With Ice Prince. We went down into Taylor Creek Park. Saturday we did 12 K and he was a perfect angel. Monday we did 12 more and he had to stop every 2 minutes because “I’m itchy!” “I’m hungry!” “Look at the big jet plane!” “Why can’t I have pizza?” “Isn’t it time for our picnic yet?” “I’m itchy.”

I seem to have lost weight. My stomach is flatter, which is nice. But my clothes now fit weird. Must cut down on the upper body exercises or I’ll have to buy my shirts from brucebanner.com. No, don’t try going there. God only knows what that site really is.

Just had a meeting with the big boss. I do a big quarterly presentation for him, which before my manager would edit and take in and bring back full of red marks. Today, when I did it all myself? No red marks! I ROCK!

And my hair is lovely today. The colour has mellowed nicely

Lunch with Boomer and Lola. A diet bar seems crass, perhaps I’ll go get some California rolls.

Ice Prince started French Immersion Senior Kindergarten today. I feel old.

Inlaws came for dinner on Sunday. It was okay. No, really. Except the part where they gave Ice Prince a bag full of toys RIGHT AT BEDTIME. I picked a bad week to stop taking horse tranquilizers. Mind you…they’re probably low cal….

How was YOUR weekend?

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